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I’m at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), an institution in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS), participating in the Earned Release Program (ERP).  After reading the autobiography, Ms. Grey, our ERP Group Coordinator had each of us devise an ERP Treatment Plan.  It consists of 2 short-term treatment related goals and objectives and 2 long-term practical type goals and objectives.  I’ll share mine with you so you can understand what I’m referring to in the future.  The first short term treatment goal was to address forgiveness issues.  The objectives (how to accomplish this) will be 1. – Read Chapter 5, 7, 13-14 of Houses of Healing by Robin Casarjian.  2. – Write 5 page essay on material.  3. – Write letter forgiving biological father. 4. – Share essay with ERP group. 5. – Share letter with group.  The second short-term treatment goal is to address anger issues.  The objectives are 1. – Read Anger is a Choice by Tim Layattte and Bob Phillips. 2. – Write 5 page essay on material. 3. – Share essay with group. 4. – Write letter forgiving self. 5. – Do “Thinking Event” (describe an event, your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, believes, and outcome involving it) on post traumatic delayed stress disorder connected event.  The first long-term goal relates to Housing and Transportation.  The objectives are to “Try to stay with my adopted parents for a few days.  They are Rev. Charles Martin and Victoria Martin 2. – Get my own place relatively quickly. 3. – Get place in Green Bay, WI after that. 4. – Get assessment so I can get my drivers license.  5. – Get driver license.  6. – Get car insurance. 7. – Get car.  The second long-term goal relates to employment.  The objects are 1. – Find 3rd shift job so I can be available for interviews and training.  2. – Try to find Information Technology job. 3. – Look into Real Estate training and license.  4. – Look into car sales. 5. – Get cell phone.  From here, I’ll sign this goal sheet, then Ms. Grey followed by Ms. Greys’s supervisor and it will then be considered part of my treatment plan.  Some comments about this.  The short-term treatment goals seem simple but they are not.  But they are worthy of my time and like I said, and though I’ve been addressing these issues on this blog the last year, it will be good for me to do this.  I’m also pretty sure this wont’ be the end of it on these issues.  The long-term goals are another matter.  The Parole Officer has to approve me going to my adoptive parents county and they have to say it’s ok otherwise its going to be going to a homeless shelter.  As far as the transportation and employment, so much of it requires money, which I don’t have, and have factors I can’t control, such as will anyone hire  an IT Professional who is a felon.  That if I focus on such things, you can get yourself pretty worked up.  Do you want to hire me?  Just kidding of course, but seriously, I wonder how people will view me in the job market.  But of course, I’m not the only soon to be released felon confronting these issues.  Every day felons start out from prisons with the odds already against them just like I’m going to do.  But I have faith.  I have faith if I do what I’m suppose to, I’m going to make it.  I’m going to have faith in God to see me through, ask others for help when I need it, and be willing to do whatever it takes. 

I’m at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), an institution in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS), participating in the Earned Release Program (ERP). Yesterday was a “Training Day”.  We have no idea what our ERP Coordinators were doing.  In the morning we started on our own and in the afternoon we watched a video called Alibi vs. Denial by Delbert Boone.  It was ok.  I still think if your making excuses so you can drink, you are in denial.  But really this is word play.  If I’m drinking, it doesn’t’ matter what I call it.  It’s death in the bottle.  We wrapped up.  Today was a little more eventful.  We watched videos that support “The Price of Freedom is Living Free” by Jack D. Cooper.  They were ok.  At one point the group went around the room and identified a childhood hero.  Mine was the Six Million Dollar Man, Lt. Col. Steve Austin.  Ms. Grey, our group coordinator, pushed me to see that I like him because of my desire to exert control over my life as I felt powerless over what was happening.  I wonder if this is the right place to do this.  I also found out the room next door to us the guys there are all ready to fight each other, making the problems in my cell look like child’s play. I’ve never been in a drug and alcohol rehab before but its kind of an interesting environment for it.  Afterwards we had our community meeting.  It’s a pretty slow day too.  Obviously, I’m not here for the pleasant environment but to learn.  I’ll continue to take what I can from this experience and try to grasp all of this.  Next week I was assigned the quote to share for the community meeting.  It’ll be “I love you but I’m not your hostage”, from yours truly.  I’ll explain what I mean then.  Off to our best meal of the week, Pizza!