About Jake

Jake Martin is the pen name of an inmate who is incarcerated in the Wisconsin Prison System. It is Jake’s goal to document life while incarcerated; the despair and hope, the routine and the unexpected, his progress and his failures, interaction with inmates and others as well as the serious and the humorous moments. Jake will also share what he is learning, and will occasionally flash back in time and see what things occurred to lead a successful IT Professional to land in prison. The Live blog and Facebook updates are provided by friends of Jake who believe in this project and in him. All criticism, suggestions, comments and letters are welcome.

To contact Jake directly, please e-mail lifewps@gmail.com and your message will be passed along to him.

  1. Alana says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog but I am glad that I did. I have a son who is going to be 33 years old on the 25th of this month. He is at Oshkosh Correctional. Your blog post and sharing has been something I truly appreciate. This might sound strange but reading your post brings me closer to my son and what he goes through inside. He started to draw and I opened a website for him for his drawings. His experience with Wisconsin prison started on March 12th. He spent 2 months at Dodge and then due to overcrowding he ended up in Fond Du Lac county jail for 4 months and just arrived at Oshkosh Correctional in early September. His out date is Feb. 5, 2012. TY for sharing all that you do here. My son’s site is here. http://www.romes-memories.com/


    • lifewps says:

      Thank you for your comments, this will be passed along to Jake. Best wishes to you and your son.

    • lifewps says:


      I sense your heartbreak for your son. I do hope the best for both of you. Responses like yours inspire me to continue when sometimes I feel like no one is listening. Thank you and please let others know about this blog, it may help.


  2. Alana says:

    Because I don’t post much on the prison forum I was not able to leave a post to this link to your blog over there. I told them to google it by the name of this blog. I found when I googled your blog your only indexing for the MSN blog and leaving a comment and even trying to sign up with an account never was much success for me till you move to word press. So if your sponsors have access this would be a great place to post this blog link for more comments from others who I believe would really appreciate your blog. Many of us have loved ones in Wisconsin State Prisons.

    Here is the link.

    Here is my post

    Not sure how I came across this blog from the MSN one but there was a link over there to this one, however, not real present because I could not find it when I was over there a minute ago. You might want to make sure your blog link to this blog is on the MSN Jake profiles somewhere since that is one place that will get explored by readers if they end up over there.

    In the meantime, I really do appreciate you Jake. Rough day, son is stressing in the barracks they have him in at Oshkosh and he just got there a month ago. I feel so much like I am in there with him emotionally. Will see him Sunday.

  3. Lori Lytle says:

    I wrote you a while back, If you remember, (ya right..lol). I was incarcerated in Branson, MO…for drug possesion. When do you get out? I was thinking soon. I hope you are well and you continue to fascinate me with your writings. Some may say and do that I need to get a life..maybe so but your blogs are sure the hell a part of it. It’s like an episode of ‘Real Housewives’…lol I’m hooked. Sincerley, Lori Lytle

    • lifewps says:

      Lori, of course I remember you! How have you been? Yes, I’m out soon. So busy planning that. Trying to keep my head in the time left. You’ve seen the pause in publishing. I’m still writing, but they’ll catch up after I’m out. Glad you still like it. Good to hear once in awhile. You’d laugh but we watch “Real Housewives of Orange County” reruns on our FOX affiliate at noon everyday! Anyway, be sure to let the sponsors know your e-mail so I can write when I’m out. Jake

  4. Jen says:

    Terrific site. Thanks for your insight. I have a loved one at DCI. Your blog answers many questions that I don’t want to ask.

  5. Brenda says:

    Thank you for posting this. My son is not yet at this facility, but maybe sometime in the future. Interesting stuff.

  6. Lori says:

    I’m glad your out Jake! It’s been a hard road, I know. When you talk about your ‘group(s)’ it makes me smile…been there, done that..lol. Hang in there and I hope you don’t quit writing, you are very good at it..believe that. Merry Christmas ….Lori Lytle

  7. jackie says:

    Hello, My name is Jackie. My husband was just transferred to DCI from WCJ. I am thankful that I found your site. I am not allowed to visit my husband. We can only correspond by mail and 15 minute phone calls. So as you can imagine I have no real idea what goes on there. I am sure he doesn’t tell me everything. So thank you again for your site! 🙂

  8. rbuddie says:

    Jake, Since it’s been over 1-1/2 years since the latest reply, I wonder if the blog is still monitored for new comments. More importantly, I wonder how your life has been going and if your cancer remains in remission. Thanks to the world wide web, I landed here yesterday morning and spent my entire Sunday reading it from start to finish. My youngest brother was recently sentenced to the WPS for OWI. While the details are long and I grant that as his sister family bias plays a factor, but he has no business being in prison. He’s never even been on probation. In fact, on two different occasions two different guards told me “his business has no business being here”. That said, the judicial system ruled and there he sits. (Clearly, I have a new-found disrespect for both the judicial and legal systems that tore his family apart and raped our family’s bank accounts.) I’ve been writing to my brother so at the very least he can look forward to mail. I know my brother would appreciate experiencing your journey. My question is, do you think if I printed the pages of your blog and mailed them to him a few at a time they would get to him? Or, would mail like your blog posts get intercepted, or, worse yet, impede any chance at ERP? (Am recalling one post about being chastised for your blog and the potential of violating some communication code.)

    • lifewps says:

      They don’t inspect mail that close so if you mail a few at a time they won’t notice.

      Yes this blog is still monitored. I am glad you found this blog…..if you have any questions please feel free to ask…

  9. rbuddie says:

    Hi Jake – thanks for the update. Can you tell me what the “barracks” are? Did you go there for a period of time before moving on to a new phase?

  10. Lori Lytle says:

    My gawd..there you are.. I knew you were released..had to Hope you were doing great cause I couldn’t find anything else after that? I KNOW..when the nightmare was over, it’s over! Just looked 4 quick update. We had to journal when I was incarcarcerated..kinda like blogging..but our audience was limited to counselor’s, guard’s and my ‘trust’ group. We stuck to writing about ‘feelings’..(B4 our crime and today – ‘if you were a fruit what w/you be? how bout a bird? …jeez, I didn’t kill anyone. Not a word about anyone else unless I learned something from them, or caught them doing something. Anywho, I miss your blogs..don’t feel like U let anyone down by not continuing..enjoyed reading them…selfish. SO happy you got a job, (and in your field!)..after my release my career in Real-estate, (Branson, MO..$$) was over.. (Felony/ 5 yr. probation). Denny’s…8 yrs; but hell, I was free, and that made me feel like a human being again. I don’t beat my self up for it anymore..legal shit is in the past…you learn a lot. I loved your blogs, your self-reflections and healing, the hellhole you lived, (like me).. and you did it with Frickn’ Cancer!! unbelievable.. and the humor. Forget who and who doesn’t have anything to do with you, (yes, the snubs are brutal)..for now. Prison tears you down so we can build ourselves back up. A new life without with out shitty people. Things are looking up already. Take care…kick that cancer’s ass.. Lori Lytle

  11. courtney says:

    I know it has been so long since anyone has posted on here, but I wanted to say how this blog has really helped me understand prision life more and get a better understanding what my friend is going through while being locked up at MSDF. I hope all is going well for you “jake.” I was hoping you could answer a question for me. My friend was told that he will be going into the ATR program. Is there any idea of how often those programs start. He has been there for 70days and has seen people enter the program that came in a lot later than he did. If you have any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

    • lifewps says:

      Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad this blog has been helpful though I’m sorry you had to find it. Please be advised they need to ask their social worker on the unit or his PO to find out when his ATR will start.

      Good Luck, blessings to you.

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