I’m at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), an institution in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS), participating in the Earned Release Program (ERP).  This morning in our ERP group we started off with a video called Wall of Denial another Jack Cooper video.  It was ok, nothing we haven’t’ already covered on denial.  At 11:15 was my first scheduled phone call with my parole officer (PO) from Waukesha County, Janet Martin.  After I asked the 1st shift guard Roscoe Peters to hold my lunch tray, I went up with my ERP Coordinator, Ms. Grey, for the call.  Ms. Martin didn’t know I ‘d lost my place to stay in Green Bay, WI that I had indicated earlier.  She asked what my plan as.  I told her once I graduate from the ERP program on June 10th, a friend (one of my sponsors) would help me setup an apartment in Green Bay.  Ms. Martin vetoed that saying she wouldn’t have time to approve the address prior to my release.  I said I’d have to get released prior to finding a place in Green Bay.  Ms. Martin then told that things change at that point, I would also have to have a job prior to that point of being allowed to go there.  Of course, I’ll have no way to get to Green Bay to do that.  She cautioned me not to attempt to go without permission.  Ms. Martin told me she’d put me on a waiting list for transitional living placement (TLP) but that sex offenders get first priority on those.  Realistically, due to the numbers, I won’t get into that. The last option is the Salvation Army shelter.  My heart sank.  The realization dawned on me that I was going to be….. homeless.  I’ve been homeless before, many years ago, when I was a much younger man living in Dallas, TX, prior to pulling my life together.  I never thought I’d see this again.  But that’s the reality I’m looking at.  I’ve got a couple of ideas but they are long shots.  Of course, the anxiety junkie in me took over the rest of the day.  After lunch, Ms. Grey couldn’t figure out what part of the Milkman Workbook she wanted to work out of only to conclude the book wasn’t worth the effort.  I wanted to snap at her for not being prepared but fortunately I didn’t.  I’m not really mad at her.  We then did more work on irrational thinking and thinking through your actions.  My cellies of course were no help a tall, knowing I was in an emotional state especially Andre Charles.  I wanted to withdraw into myself until I could make sense of this whole thing but he just went on and on about how things will suck for me on parole.  Then of course supper was Turkey Tetrazzini, the worst meal in the whole WPS!  But one thing I got to get a hold of here is I’ve got to have faith something will work out and not get so worked up.  It’s just easier said than done.

  1. Kelli says:

    Oh no what the hell?? I dont get it? how can she not approve an address that is still months away from your release? Wouldnt that be more detrimental to your success? Being homeless even for a day is horrible! On top of just being released thats stupid1 Im so sorry!

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