I’m at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), an institution in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS), participating in the Earned Release Program (ERP). Who says inmates don’t celebrate New Years Eve?  Neighboring cells got so loud the guard at the desk gave a warning and the second time shut all the power off to the cells.  After giving another warning, the guard turned the power back on.  After resetting my clock, I kept my TV on to watch the ball drop.  According to TMJ4 news it got up to 52 degrees this New Year’s Eve!  I wish I’d been out there with people that love me.  I suppose though I could say that every day.  Cellie Malik Pearl told me the next morning he’d wake me up so we could deal with the cellie Andre Charles problem with 1st shift guard Roscoe Peters.  I said that’d be great.  The lights stayed off until 10:30 am and I didn’t hear from Malik.  Then after I was awake Malik told me he’d already went to Peters and told him and that I should go tell him myself.  I didn’t understand why he had departed from the plan but I was more focused on getting Andre out of this cell.  I went to see Peters and asked if Pearl had been by to see him.  He confirmed and said he knew what it was about and who it was about.  I told him I also wanted to convey how fed up I was.  Peters told me Charles was on his third cell move not including the people who had asked to get out of his cells prior to him being pulled out of each cell.  What Peters was saying is any move would just go and pass this problem onto others and besides the unit manager would be mad if he made any moves.  He wanted us to go to the 2nd shift guard, Ruth Bartkowski.  I don’t think he wanted to deal with it.  I returned to my cell.  Peters and mine conversation must have been overheard as Andre came to the cell and said there was no way I was going to get him put out of that cell, and if I want to leave I should say I want to be with someone from my ERP group.  I told him I’d tell the truth.  He wanted me to go without making things worse for him.  I told him the days of him threatening and intimidating anyone in this cell were over.  I was hot and getting just as loud as he always is.  Then Peters showed up at the door, barking at us to be quiet, do our time, to just get along and he’s tired of hearing us all the way down at the desk from the upper tier.  If he hears it again, he said the two of us are going to the hole.  The conversation continued.  Andre had no idea that Malik had gone to the guard as well as he got on me for “going to the police” until Malik spilled that he had done so as well.  Malik said everything I did – he needs medication, he’s going to kill someone someday and how he keeps people on pins and needles in this room.  He says he’ll change.  Malik wants to give him one more chance.  I reluctantly agreed.  I’m just irritated all of this came to nothing and he’s still in my cell.  But like I said, I’m at the end of my rope with him.  But as usual, now everyone is getting along.  It became pretty clear this isn’t over.  After the Wisconsin Badgers lost the Rose Bowl, Andre started razzing cellie Brian Whalen’s habit of burping from which he took offense.  While Andre was gone, Whalen went on and on about how Andre will never change.  Whalen, your 12 hours too late, I thought.  But I’ve determined, no more threats or intimidation in this cell anymore.  There’s just too much at stake to allow it.  


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