I’m at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), an institution in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS), participating in the Earned Release Program (ERP). It’s “Training Day” here at MSDF which means for us that certain activities are restricted while guards are suppose to be getting well, training I guess.  One thing is for sure.  I mentioned what I was going to eat when I got released in this past entry but now I must add a huge cup of hot, caffeinated coffee!  First thing out the door!  As a result the four of us in our cell got to spend more time together. Brian Whalen is very focused on suing the Milwaukee County Sheriff for roughing him up when he got busted and is angry over how he got busted.  Many facets of his story doesn’t make sense and Andre and Malik let him know it.  To be honest, they were right.  Then Andre asked to see his PRC paperwork. That paperwork shows what you are charged with.  Whalen refused.  Usually when one inmate asks another inmate to see his paperwork and he refuses that inmate is assumed to be a pedophile by others.  Obviously, it won’t go well for that inmate after that.  Eventually he complied.  Then the conversation turned to me.  I told them I was fine with sharing my paperwork which I did.  I and Andrew get along well.  He displays anxiety junkie tendencies like myself.  I haven’t revealed anything about myself other than my legal status.  I’m just not comfortable doing so.  I wonder how that is going to work in the ERP program.  I have a lot of stuff I don’t want to talk about in front of other inmates.  But we’ll see.  Whenever these guys come back from their groups, especially Andrew, they are pretty hyper and worked up.  After they got back, they called us all down to the lower tier to clean the dayroom first, then our own cells.  There is clearly tension between Andrew and Malik and those in cells by us.  Then they returned to group.  I took the opportunity to shave my head as is my habit on Wednesday.  If I needed a reminder I’m back in a maximum security institution my reflection in the metal plate they use for a mirror did it.  They also take away my dental floss which I’ll have to buy floss with some kind of handle from their canteen.  Until then, I’ll just have to not floss.  I know, it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it makes me crazy.  And really, I did you not the title of the toothpaste they gave me is “Maximum Security Gel Toothpaste”.  It says its distributed by Bob Barker Co. Inc. (1-800-334-9880).  I hope it’s not THE Bob Barker!  Let’s see … he’s into neutering animals … I don’t like where this is going!  But seriously I’m doing better than I have been the last couple of days.  I think I’m getting some acceptance on being here … till June.  But I don’t dwell on that part.


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