Inmates Playing With Each Other

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Fox Lake Correctional Institution (FMCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System.  The way TV Viewing works here for those of us without personal televisions (mine is in property due to my temp status) is that whoever is watching it gets to say if its ok to change the channel.  There are some who try to push around others especially if it comes to sports.  If you don’t want to watch sports and others do, they’ll stay after you until you give in.  Fortunately for me I like most sports.  But I’ve seen threats and confrontations occur but nothing significant enough to get the guards to move from the desk.  This particular evening there was tennis and racing on each TV, neither of which I care to watch.  I chose tennis.  At the table with me was Tex and 3 other younger guys about his age.  It started off pleasant enough.  All of them are going to be out before me, so the conversation rolled to the direction for their plans after release.  But soon it became apparent there was a bond, a game between them I’m not a part of.  They started groping each others privates, the one being groped would resist and then he’d go after another.  All the while giggling like little school girls.  My apologies to school girls for the analogy.  I think my face registered my thoughts as Tex gave me a look like “what you gonna do?”  I quickly excused myself.  I just kept saying to myself, you’ve got to be kidding!  I hadn’t pegged Tex that way at all.  But even if he was bisexual what’s up with groping each other like that?  Just a different culture or mindset I guess.  Anyway, Frank (the guys vocal about sex) got shipped to the facility at Oak Hill.  We got a new inmate who we’ll call Tiny.  Let’s just say he isn’t “tiny”.  He’s a member of the Outlaws, revocated for associating with other Outlaws.  He’s a good guy but I wouldn’t tick him off.  Come on, I’m 6’1” 185lbs, he’s a couple inches taller and about 350lbs.  But our little group accepted him just fine.  I knew I’d like him when an old disabled man named “Pops” was getting trashed by a bunch of guys for eating sugar despite being a diabetic.  Pops would go around at dinner with his bowl trying to get people to give him their desserts.  People started talking trash and I of course opened my mouth.  I asked them if it was their intent to pick on a disabled old man who has cancer (actually he’s beaten it 3 times).  They started in about his sweets addiction.  I’m like so what?  He’s got 5 maybe 10 years tops.  Who cares?  Let him enjoy something!  They then started making comments about me and Tiny piped up saying he agreed with me and asked if they had something to say to him about it.  Nobody did of course.  I laughed.  Still, I should have kept my mouth shut and minded my own business.  It’s going to catch up to me one of these days.  But in this case and this time it felt good to stand up for what was right.


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