Lord of the Flies

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Fox Lake Minimum Correctional Institution (FMCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  I now I told you I wouldn’t be able to make an entry until I got to Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) but an inmate was kind enough to give me an envelope so I’m taking advantage.  Funny thing is I’ve missed writing it more than you missed reading it.  It’s September 1st, which isn’t good news.  I’m supposed to be, hopefully anyway, starting my ERP program at MSDF, in the early part of September.  If I miss that, I’ll have to sit till the next ERP there starts in December.  That will be most disappointing.  I put in a request form to the social worker here, Ms. Greer, asking her to look into it.  I am also praying, keeping my fingers crossed and then praying some more hoping for a good outcome.  It’s the difference between 4 months more or 10 months more.   As far as I’m doing here, it’s a mixed bag.  The track has been my salvation.  I will walk for hours and I’m able to get time by myself in this way.  It also has the upside of being good for me.  I’m hoping when I get to MSDF to work on regaining my upper body muscle tone and weight I lost while I was sick. I’ve never lifted weights before so if I have to ask another inmate for help I will.  Anyway, my bunkmate, an older Native American, him and I aren’t getting along so well.  He never leaves the bunk area so I can’t sweep and mop when he is there, at least I felt it would be rude to interrupt him.  I’m never there so he complained he always has to clean, as well as saying I must have had a messy house in an insulting manner.  But its starting to improve.  If we’d communicate more the problems would be solved but both of us are the quiet type.  He is trying to get Act 28 early release despite having gotten kicked out of the ERP program in Oshkosh so we talked about that.  Prior to that he and his friends weren’t speaking to me for awhile.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal but you don’t want a bad reputation or have enemies.  My lack of electronics has surrounded me with a colorful group some of who don’t have any either.  There’s Tex, a young man convinced he’s going to be a country music star someday.  I let him sing some of his songs for me (some weren’t bad!) but now of course he wants to perform for me every single verse he writes, which is too much.  But I let him go.  He reminds me of me many years ago when I would write music and had those kinds of dreams.  There’s Mitch, who reminds me very much of the drummer in “Roadhouse”.  Again quite young.  He’ll be here until 2014 on burglary charges.  He’s very sure of himself as a “ladies man” and is a bit of a prankster which is probably why I like him.  Then there’s Luke, slightly younger than me, who gets out in January.  He always predicts disaster for whatever situation a person might be in.  I kid him about that, that he is the messenger of doom.  Finally there’s Frank Mears.  He loves to describe his sexual exploits in graphic terms and when talking in general he just talks and talks and talks some more so you can’t get in a word edgewise.  That works out fine for me as I’m quite content to listen.  I just roll my eyes at the sexual bravado and wonder what its purpose is here.  The one thing we all battle day and night is this plague of flies that has come on us.  I think its due to all the vegetables guys on the farm bring back to their bunks and the eggs hatch that are on them.  I put up with it for awhile and then I rolled up some newspaper and made a flyswatter and began killing them.  Strange, at past institutions, no life of any kind could be found inside them, other than the inmates and guards.  It’s an improvement to be sure.  I broke down and asked a friend to send some money as I’m tired of being hungry and going without some necessities.  Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI), my previous institution, still hasn’t gotten my money here yet 2 weeks later.  JCI and WPS as a whole, needs a programmer like me to automate all this!  You think they’ll listen?  Anyway, looking forward to making that canteen order.  As you have read in the barracks environment is not something I deal well with but I’m hanging in there.  God is meeting my needs and not my wants.  Some days are better than others but in prison or out these are true statements.


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