A Little Information Please?

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Fox Minimum Correctional Institution (FMCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  As I’d noted previously, I’d heard I’d only be here for 2 or 3 days, then I’d be sent on to the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) for my ERP program and then released.  I’m going to be here longer than that.  Which brings me to a point I wanted to talk about.  It sure would help the inmates and those that love them to have reliable concrete information on what is happening with the inmate and have the staff such as Valera from PRC  not always give double speak or half answers to questions.  Even a social worker here at FMCI at orientation said those of us waiting to go to a facility should let them know if we are still here in 30 days as they may have forgotten us!  Now granted, I deal with stress and anxiety issues so stuff like this makes me, well for lack of a better word, “Crazy”. But I’m sure other inmates and their families would agree with me that this is something that drastically needs improvement.  In my case, if I’m going to be in ERP at MSDF in September instead of December, I should be actively planning where I’m going to go, live and work (by the way, need an IT Guy soon?  Email me! :)) and preparing my mind for it.  Other inmates have families who operate in the dark, especially the children, on what is happening with the inmate, unable to plan or move forward as nothing is concrete.  To the Department of Corrections (DOC) I’m sure they don’t care as our needs aren’t important to them.  I think they might like keeping the inmate off balance so that any illusion of control has been lost.  Plus, they just don’t give a damn.  I really think that’s the truth.

Enough of my ranting today.  I’m doing the best I can under the circumstances.  I found a huge book, a biography of Harry Truman by David McCullough and I’m engaged in that. My bunkmate never leaves the bunk area but even if he did, I can’t be by myself ever.  There’s no where to go.  To be honest, it messes with my mind.  I have found ironically the toilet area is somewhere I can close a door and be alone so when it gets too much I’ll go there.  I certainly miss Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI) in that respect.  The food here is better and they let us eat bread between meals which helps cause I don’t have any canteen.  Also, we don’t have to wear our badge around here which really took a lot of getting used to.  We don’t stand for count here either.  I was approached with tobacco.  Of course, I said no.  But once they heard I was only there temporarily and had nothing to trade that stopped.  Everyone here I would say in general is upbeat.  Many are on their way out of prison.  They know how long they’ll be there, what they need to do, what their institutional or in some cases community jobs require, and what’s in store for the immediate future.  It’s good to see.  There was so much despair at JCI, I think because of the lack of any kind of hope for the future for so many.  I sometimes feel that way too.  Whenever I get to that point, as soon as I’m done wallowing in my self pity, I remind myself God is in control and he’s got a plan.  I may not see it now – but that’s what faith is, believing even though you don’t see it at the moment.  In the past, I tried to manage his plan, force it into what I thought it should be.  The results….. well they didn’t turn out so well did they?  So I remind myself again to trust God and that I’m not suppose to be comfortable here otherwise they wouldn’t call it “prison”.  It’s a broken record worthy of the repeats.



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