Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  Before I get into today’s topic, just to let you know, the Instigator was sent to the hole.  From what I heard, he didn’t follow an order from a guard.  Yes, it is quite easy to get sent to the hole.  The best way  to prevent that is to keep a low profile which wouldn’t be something the Instigator would be good at.  After he was gone, the tension level on the unit went down dramatically.  In other news, I’m finally looking human again!  My eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache and goatee hair is almost entirely back and hair is starting to grow back in places.  We’ll I’m sure you don’t want me to share that information!  Even here there are limits.  But that kind of hair growth can cause its own kind of discomfort.  But I’ll take that over the kind chemotherapy causes any day!

I’ve reached some decisions regarding my appeal of the results of the PRC Hearing. You need to read that link if you don’t know what I’m referring to.  I sat down with an inmate who is on his 10th trip through the prison system to attempt to get a handle on what it is PRC is doing.  Granted, the assignment to Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF), widely regarded as the armpit of the WPS, sucks.  But if I appeal it, I lose my spot on the waiting list to get into ERP at MSDF.  This means a longer time I must spend in prison.  While I still question the logic of sending a non-violent, first time offender who has never gotten a major or minor ticket to MSDF, to challenge it would be like shooting myself in the foot.  Is my goal to get out as soon as possible or stay longer but be more comfortable?  The choice was obvious.  The power that is behind the PRC here, Ms. Valera, I’m sure knew this when she made the assignment.  I have never had a WPS employee anywhere directly lie to my face as this one did.  She told me at my hearing, MSDF was a secure minimum so I that I would sign the paperwork agreeing to enter ERP there.  But now, I’m in a pickle.  If I refuse to go into ERP, I’ll get a major ticket, probably sent to the hole, and spend at least another year here prior to being offered ERP elsewhere.  If I appeal, I’ll end up in prison longer than necessary and I’d probably lose anyway.  I’ll have to hand it to Ms. Valera, she was slick.  Finally, this hold that Ms. Valera put on me until November doesn’t bar me from entering ERP at MSDF prior to November as I had thought.  It simply keeps me at JCI and blocks me from being transferred to another facility to await my bed in ERP at MSDF.  Valera hangs onto people as long as she can as it means more cash for JCI.  This actually works in my favor as I don’t want to start over at another facility.  The bottom line is Ms. Valera is going to do whatever she wants and I’ve got to play along.  There will be no appeal.  I’m here until my bed in ERP at MSDF opens up.

You might think I’m angry, bitter or upset.  To be truthful, I was.  I have simply surrendered to the forces at work here.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  And lets face it, in times past, even since this blog has begun, when I attempted to exert my will over the process, it turned out God had things in mind and I needn’t have worried.  I need to trust and that works out well because I’ve got no other choice!  There’s always the option of wearing out the floor in my cell with my pacing, exerting energy for a useless cause.  That gets old quick.  Besides, there is an upside to going to MSDF, albeit one that only I would think of at this point.  I will got to MSDF, rumored to be one of the worst facilities in the WPS, and document the experience on this blog.  Let’s find out if there is any truth in it.  Meanwhile, thank you to all of you for your feedback thus far.  It really means a lot. 


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