Trust but Verify

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  After the Program Review Committee (PRC) disappointment, I was unhappy.  We are coming up on the July 4th holiday and I was hoping to have some answers as to what the future held.  I was hoping I’d be out by the end of the year but because PRC dropped the ball, that isn’t going to happen.  I’m just going to have to accept this.  I can stomp my feet, hold my breath or throw a fit, and it’s not going to change anything.  Even though you do what you are told, behave as one should, things may not go your way. Shocking, huh?  Yeah, I had to remind myself of that little lesson.  One other thing I’ve learned in this process is to not be afraid to stay on top of things like the PRC to do what they are suppose to.  Granted, they had shut me down but had I kept at it my PRC hearing my not have been delayed.  The point is I’m not going to take their word for it when any person or group in the prison says they are going to do something that will effect my life.  Like the politician once said, I’ll “trust but verify”.

Anyway, I submitted a request asking PRC to confirm on paper the date they had made the referral, my intent being to document this just in case I needed to file a formal complaint.  PRC wouldn’t answer my question in their answer.  They replied “Referral has been made and you will be called up once it is received”.  The person who responded representing PRC was the same as the one who had shut me down months ago.  While thinking about whether I should reply and insist on an answer, the unit manager paged me to the guard station and told me to report to Dr. Saul at another residence unit called “Quarry”.  I immediately recognized the psychiatrist’s name as the doctor who had told me back in March that PRC would have to refer me before he could see me.  I signed out, went to Quarry, and asked for Dr. Saul.  I was pointed to his office and he motioned me in.  I reminded him of our previous encounter and he remembered.  He asked me how I was, if I was still on Wellbutrin and if I’d had any disciplinary problems.  He then asked me where I wanted to go.  I told him, I’m trying to get minimum so I can go to the Earned Release Program (ERP).  He concluded the meeting but I asked when PRC would get his report.  Dr. Saul told me it would be there by the end of next week but it wasn’t due until July 16th.  That was good info to have.  I returned to my unit.  I had been gone 15 minutes.  I was simply amazed that all of this effort and gnashing of teeth on my part had occurred for that 15 minutes. 

So where does this leave things?  Well, Dr. Saul gets his report recommending I go to minimum security and ERP by the end of next week.  I should have my PRC hearing at some point after July 16th.  And maybe, just maybe, this was suppose to happen this way.  It has to be right?  That’s the way its happening!  Let’s hope it becomes apparent soon.  I have a challenge here that has the potential to derail everything if I’m not careful that I’ll get into in the next entry in this blog. 


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