PRC Disappointment

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  I’m afraid I don’t have good news.  It’s not really bad news, it’s more like the kind of news that is aggravating, annoying and makes one wonder if people know what they are doing. I’ll tell you what is going on but first I need to recap a bit.   I am trying to get a minimum security clearance so I can attend the Earned Release Program (ERP).  I would have had this classification but a psychiatrist at Dodge Correctional Institution (DCI) had neglected to clear me. When I first arrived at JCI I found out the psychiatrist would have to clear me prior to my Program Review Committee (PRC).  I requested to see the psychiatrist but once there I was told would have to make a referral to him prior to him seeing me.  I sent a request to PRC to make a referral.  The response I got from PRC was that “they, PRC, would make a referral when it was appropriate”.  I let it go.  I was suppose to have my hearing in front of PRC in June to determine if I could get minimum.   I got to the last week of June and I still was not on the schedule.  I went to see Ms. Prince.  She didn’t remember interviewing me which didn’t surprise me since I’m just one of hundreds in her charge.  I asked why I wasn’t on the schedule.  She said I should fill out paperwork asking PRC that question which I did while at her desk.  I then asked what she had recommended to PRC.  She said she recommended I be held at medium security because of this very same issue, that a psychiatrist had not cleared me for minimum.  I was dumbfounded.  How could I still be at the point of where I started this process when I got here despite doing what they told me to?  I went over this whole thing with Ms. Prince again like I did at the original interview.  By the end, I’m almost in tears I think.  I so badly want to get out of here and get on with my life and it seems the system here isn’t holding up to what its suppose to do even though I am.  She tells me to be patient.  I must have appeared more upset than I realized as she asked me if I needed to see a chaplain.  I said no.  You always worry here your words will be held against you regardless of the setting.  I returned to my cell only to be summoned by the guards to return to Ms. Prince’s office a short time later.  She tells me that PRC hadn’t scheduled me for the hearing because they wanted this psychiatrist to give their opinion.  The only thing is nobody from PRC had submitted a referral for me to go!  I’m told they were doing so today but that I needed to be patient.  I’m in a state of disbelief.  I know it can take weeks for these referrals to go through.  I’m going to be held here longer than I have to be because PRC didn’t send a piece of paper to Mental Health Services like they were suppose to and have had 3 months to do?  Again, I must have appeared upset.  Ms. Prince again asks me if I want to see a chaplain and told me it would do no good if I didn’t hold myself together.  I figured what the heck, how could it hurt?  I walked to see the chaplain, his last name is Franks.  I walked in his office and sat down.  I clarified what he would tell others.  The exceptions were if I would hurt myself, others, was going to escape or had confessed to crimes.  None of this applied so I explained a bit of my background, and then expressed my frustrations with what was happening.  He didn’t have much to say but having an opportunity to vent was helpful I guess.  In retrospect, it’s more interesting to me to wonder what it was about me that made Ms. Prince think I needed to talk to someone.  But she is absolutely right about one thing.  I’ve got to hold it together.  If you’ve been reading along for awhile you know how much I’ve waited for and anticipated this PRC hearing.  I know I should have handled this better.  You also know I’m not perfect nor do I pretend to be.  I do strive to do better than this.  It wasn’t a good day, but it looks like I’ll have a few more here to improve. 


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