Stressed over PRC

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m at the Jackson

Correctional Institution (JCI), a facility in the Wisconsin Prison System (WPS).  To be honest, right now I’m kind of tense.  As I explained in a previous blog entry, the PRC, short for Program Review Committee, must make a determination if I quality for minimum security so I can attend the Earned Release Program (ERP).  After I complete the program, I would be released.  At first glance I appear to be a slam dunk, for this program.  I was convicted of a non-violent offense, have a perfect disciplinary record in Waukesha County Jail and while in prison, have done over 25% of my initial confinement time, and there are obvious alcohol abuse issues this program is designed to address. In addition, health wise I’m clear.  So why my concern you might ask?  I’m concerned because I met with another social worker, not my regular one for some reason, this one named Lisa Prince.  Ms Prince came across as obviously looking for reasons to recommend I be denied a minimum placement.  First she remarked the judgment of conviction on CCAP didn’t not my eligibility for the ERP program.  This, of course, is just so much nonsense.  CCAP, the online searchable database of court activity, is in no way any kind of an official record.  The DOC has records indicating my eligibility, but she insisted she wanted to go by this.  I can bring the paperwork to the hearing and hope people pay attention.  I wrote a letter to the court that convicted me asking them to note on CCAP my eligibility for ERP.  They noted only the receipt of the letter.  I’m sure they were wondering why they would need to do that when CCAP isn’t any kind of an official record.  But I’m trying to cover all bases, including the absurd.  Then Ms Prince noted a domestic violence conviction against me over 15 years ago then said I should take their domestic violence class.  Never mind the conviction was 15 years ago, from a bad relationship I was in, never had any kind of problem like this since, and that I actually was innocent.  I had taken a plea to protect the relationship I was in.  But here I am, 15 years later, and Ms Prince just now saying I should take this class even though I’ve been here 4 months and no one said anything up to this point.  This means I could spend up to another year here if the PRC rules this way.  I would be so upset.  The longer I’m here the more un-employable I become in the Information Technology field.  Plus I don’t want to be here any longer than necessary.  That’s not unusual.

Staff like this, I know impacts me in other ways.  I know I don’t deal well with uncertainty.  I have a tendency to fixate on things I can’t control.  It’s part of the anxiety issues I deal with.  Things that normally don’t bother me become magnified in these circumstances.  One night, while I am exchanging laundry, I check carefully to make sure it’s all there.  The guy behind me decides he doesn’t want to wait anymore and tries to step in front of me.  In an instant, a white hot flash of anger envelopes me.  Going to ERP, minimum security and getting out soon could all be lost if I make a bad decision or choice here.  Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut and returned to my room without incident.  Prison isn’t a place to be assertive over issues that tomorrow won’t mean anything.  This is true on the outside in your world too.  My stress and anxiety is no excuse for inappropriate decisions in other areas of life.

Please pray for me, that my request to go to minimum and ERP is granted.  I so very badly want to get out of here and get on with my life.


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