Change in the Direction for this Blog

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is Jake Martin.  When those that sponsored this effort and I agreed we should do this blog, the idea was to give you, the reader, the opportunity to see on the ground level as I experienced it, what it was like to live ‘Life in the Wisconsin Prison System’.  This assumed my experience would be at least somewhat typical of other inmates.  In the last couple of months however; events occurred that make the premise of that assumption impossible.  Let me explain.

Back in June 2009, it was brought to my attention while at Waukesha County Jail (WCJ) by other inmates, that I had a series of lumps under my right ear on my neck.  I wasn’t too concerned about it but did go ahead and see the jail doctor.  He diagnosed it as an infection caused by shaving my head.  I knew right away this wasn’t right as I’ve been shaving my head for over 10 years and never had anything like this occur.  But I went along with it, well, because he’s a doctor.  He prescribed antibiotics. When the lumps had grown rather than shrink and after the third run of these antibiotics, which I was charged $20 for each (money I didn’t have), I told the doctor I would wait to get to the prison system to be treated, which he agreed to.  These lumps continued to grow.  The following month a CO at WCJ named Petri noticed, and she began pushing medical at WCJ to do more to find out what was going on.  Finally, in late November, a biopsy of these lumps was performed at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  On December 3rd, the diagnosis was returned:  Third Stage Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer of the Lymphatic system.  Chemotherapy was scheduled immediately and my prognosis for a full recovery is excellent.

Unfortunately, my body was not producing enough white blood cells after my first chemo treatment to defend against infection so WCJ had to isolate me.  Jail administration leaned on the District Attorney’s office to get me out as soon as possible because the jail wasn’t equipped to handle my situation.  On December 18th, in an unusual occurrence, I plead guilty and was sentenced immediately, to 5 years in prison with the first 20 months initial confinement.  I was sent to Dodge Correctional Institution for processing into the Prison System January 7th.  I’ll be posting updates on that process as time goes on.

But the point is, we’ve decided to continue with this blog even though my experience won’t be just like the typical inmates and because really, nothing has changed.  We still want you to see what I see and learn what I learn as I go through this process.


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