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A&E: Assessment and Evaluation.  A&E Staff evaluate the inmate and make recommendations as to placement within the prison system.

Bail: Money a person gives to the court, set by the judge as a promise to show up for court and follow any conditions set by the judge. It is supposed to be refunded once the case is closed.

Barracks: Where lots of inmates are housed without the benefit of any kind of barrier or boundaries from other inmates or staff.

Borderline Personality:  psychologically unstable condition, an indeterminate psychological condition commonly featuring aggression, impulsive behavior, emotional instability, suspicion of others, and unexpected mood swings

Canteen:  Items inmates can order from a vendor which supplement what the institution provides.  These items can be food, hygiene, or other supplies which are ordered and delivered once a week.

Cell Extraction:  Is where a group of guards along with a supervisor attempt to talk an inmate out of his cell peacefully to be taken to the hole for a rule violation.  Failing that, they remove the inmate with various degrees of force.

CO:  Corrections Officer

ERP Program:  A 4 1/2 month intensive program designed to help those who are in prison as a result of drug or alcohol issues.  After successful completion, inmate is released to extended supervision (parole)

Felony: A crime that can be punished by more than 12 months in jail or prison.  Sentences exceeding 12 months are served in the prison system)

Fishbowl:  One way mirrors surrounding entire pod allowing guard to see you in your pod but inmates cannot see out.

Fresh Meat: New Inmate

Full Roll:  Change of pants, towel and washcloth

GP: General Population

Half Roll (1/2 Roll):  Change of shirt, underwear and socks

Intake:  Area where inmates to County Jail’s first go upon arrival to the facility.  Basic information and fingerprinting are done prior to pod/cell block assignment.

Misdemeanor: A crime punishable by no more than twelve months in jail

Podfather:  An inmate who is viewed by other inmates as someone they defer to within the pod.  The inmate gains this designation by intimidation, or their personality  or both.

Punk:  To show a person up in front of others and/or prove to that person they are weaker than the aggressor.

Swamper: Inmates who perform menial tasks on the unit and get to spend more time out of their cells than others.

Standing Count: Inmates stand by their bunk while the CO walks by and verifies they are present and alive.

Trustees:  Inmates who work at the jail and perform various tasks in exchange for time off their sentences and often receive other perks not given to other inmates.

White Shirt: Supervisor, rank of Lieutenant or above

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